Limited Editions, limited availability

Limited Editions, limited availability

In the range of Dreadshop you will find various products that contain limited editions. In this blog I would like to explain more about these products.

Limited Editions

There are various Limited Editions products available in our range. You can not only find these products in the care products, but also some Dread colors are Limited Editions.

These Limited Editions are only available in a limited number. These Limited Editions are, for example, scents that are seasonal. Or they are Dread colors that have been put together by one of our influencers.

Would you like to order one of these Limited Editions products? Then don't wait before it's too late. The Limited Editions are limited available and gone = really gone.

Which Dread products are Limited Editions?

Dollylocks has a number of Limited Editions in its Refreshening sprays, such as:

  • Mojito
  • Orange Spice

And especially in the Tightening Sprays from Dollylocks you can find many Limited Editions such as:

  • Lazy Lemonade
  • Island Orchard
  • Apple Chai
  • Dragon's Blood
  • Pumpkin Creme

In Renate's Locks of Love Originals there are also a number of Limited Edition colors. You can see which colors these are on the image of the color Dread.

New Dread products

Of course we try to renew our range and that is why new colors and / or scents will be added to our range regularly. These colors / scents will undoubtedly contain new Limited Editions!

Have fun with your products!


-X- Renate