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You might have some of these already in your Salon, if not; these are all the materials we advise you to use following our Professional Temporary Dreadlock Install online Course.

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Renate's Locks of Love
KortingsprijsVan $102.00 USD

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Dunne Renate's Locks of Love
KortingsprijsVan $120.00 USD

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Kortingsprijs$144.00 USD
Dollylocks antimicrobial silkcomb pro Pointcomb Tools Tools & hair
Dreadshop Stevige Elastiekjes
KortingsprijsVan $5.00 USD

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Kortingsprijs$18.00 USD
Install Tool
Kortingsprijs$5.00 USD
Kortingsprijs$4.00 USD
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Dread Tool
Kortingsprijs$14.00 USD