Synthetic Dreads

Have you been dreaming of Dreads for so long and are you finally taking the step?

Great! And welcome!

We are happy to delight you with your temporary look! We work with our Locks of Love in our Salon and offer a lot of choice, your preferred color, length and thickness is always in there. Of course we are here to give you personal advice with this choice.

Minimum Hair Length

For the Renate's Locks of Love we recommend a minimum hair length of 3 inch / 8 cm.

A minimum hair length of 2.4 inch / 7 cm is required to install the Thin Locks of Love.

All Locks of Love are harmless for your hair, easy to care for and reusable. We recommend wearing them for about 2 months. After this period you simply take the Dreads out again, wash them and they are ready for your next visit to our Salon :).

When installing the Locks of Love, we work with different installing methods. It doesn't matter what hair length you have, we can always neatly braid it away.

Time indication for a full head: 2-3 hours

Time indication for Partials: 1-2 hours


(Re) installing Dreads: €90,- per hour

New set of Dreads, full head, installing, including personal advice

Renate's Locks of Love
Back Length € 529,-
Bum Length € 549,-

Thin Renate's Locks of Love
Back Length € 629,-
Bum Length € 649,-

If your own hair is very long, there is an additional charge for installing.

Do you need fewer Dreads because, for example, part of your hair has been shaved? Or are you going for Partial Dreads?

Then we charge the number of Dreads that we use for you and the hourly price of installing.

Do you want a more specific price indication? Send us a message with your wishes: