Care Kit Mature Dreads Dollylocks - Real Dread Care

After a year, your Dreads are matured. You notice that they have become more compact, maybe have shrunk a bit and that your scalp has become used to Dreadlocks.

Because your Dreads are now entering a different phase, it is important that you give them the right care.

You do this mainly with a good basis of:
1. The right shampoo and a good washing routine of once a week
2. The right care for your scalp
3. Nourish your Dreads by using good, natural products
4. Detox your Dreads 2-3 times a year

In this Dreadlock care kit you will find the appropriate products from Dollylocks for your matured Dreads, namely:

Liquid Shampoo
This liquid shampoo is perfect for your matured Dreads. It nourishes and cares for your hair and scalp.

Conditioning Oil
This nice, natural oil not only nourishes your Dreads, but is also perfect for massaging the dry tips of your Dreadlocks. Or do you have sensitive spots on your scalp? Then use this oil on it.

Refreshing Spray
Wonderful care between washes! Spray on your scalp and Dreads.

Detox Kit
Detox your Dreads 2-3 times a year to remove excess dirt from your Dreads.