Dreadshop Advent Box
Dreadshop Advent Box
Dreadshop Advent Box
Dreadshop Advent Box


Dreadshop Advent Box

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Dreadshop - Advent Box

Do you still remember the feeling? Counting down the days and nights until it was Christmas? The excitement you felt before... A time of pretty lights, decorated trees everywhere, people all around looking forward to the magic that Christmas brings. It truly is the ultimate Christmas feeling!

And we would love to bring this Christmas feeling back to you with our new Advent Box!
The Dreadshop Advent Box makes the countdown to Christmas much more fun!

This Advent Box is not just a collection of different products, it’s a box full of surprises! For ten days you’ll be surprised with the cutest, most beautiful and some completely new products!
Of course we are not going to reveal too much about the contents of the Advent Box, but we can tell you that there are many Dreadlock related products. Fitting for both Real and Synthetic Dreadlocks. Most of the products in the box are not available on the website. Which means soon you’ll have truly unique products in your hands!
Oh and yes, they are not all Christmas-related products, many of them can still be used throughout the year!

Make this holiday season unforgettable with the Dreadshop Advent Box. Create great memories by unwrapping all the presents inside.

The Advent Box is not only a fun gift to receive but also to give to someone.

We only have 100 Advent Boxes in stock, so don’t wait too long because gone=gone!
The total value of all products is a whopping €280,-!

May we make this Christmas special for you?

*from Monday, November 6, we will start shipping the Advent Boxes
Our advice is to open the boxes in the Advent Box from 14 to 24 December.

NOTE: It's not possible to return the Dreadshop Advent Box.