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  1. Grandma Grey 50 cm
    Grandma Grey 50 cm
    863,99 kr
  2. Chocolate Dip 50 cm
    Chocolate Dip 50 cm
    863,99 kr
  3. RAW ROOTs Deep Cleansing Kit – Dreadlock Detox
    RAW ROOTs Deep Cleansing Kit – Dreadlock Detox
    151,99 kr
  4. Granny New 50 cm
    Granny New 50 cm
    1 247,79 kr Ordinarie pris 1 467,99 kr
  5. Renate's Locks of Love
    Renate's Locks of Love
    Så lågt som 485,99 kr

Renate Meijnders


I'm Renate, chief Dreadhead at Dreadshop. Eighteen years ago I wore synthetic dreads for the first time and was immediately addicted. Countless times with dreads followed before I had them developed myself; because I always strive for perfection. Since 2016 I wear real dreads and I love it! In 2004 I started Dreadshop, with which I quickly entered the international market. It fits in with how I am; entrepreneurial, creative, ambitious and travel-loving.

For me it is super important that everyone can be themselves, both in appearance and personality. And I want to do my bit for the world and the environment.  By treating others the way I want to be treated myself. But also by offering products that make my customers more self-assured. Products that I have tested myself, but are also responsible and of high quality. I am busy with my work daily and grateful to be able to say that it still feels like a hobby.