Renate and Diane working on Real dreadlocks, filming it for the online course

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In 2019 I conceived, developed and marketed the online course 'How to become a Professional Synthetic Dreadlock Stylist'. This was something I had dreamed of for years.

Online there is a lot of information about Dreadlocks, but this is mainly about Real Dreads.

My intention with making this course is that more is also known about Synthetic Dreads. With my online course I am steadily building a worldwide community with students and affiliates. They all work with Synthetic Dreads from Dreadshop (and therefore of the highest quality), but also according to our methods and techniques. As a student you learn to make high-quality Dreadlocks and you learn to install the Dreadlocks with different professional techniques. With this we can help customers all over the world with a great Dread look.

How to become a Professional Dreadlock Stylist?

In 2022 I added the course 'How to become a Professional Real Dreadlock Stylist' to the range of Dreadshop. A completely new course in a completely different setting, recorded and edited by a professional videographer. The result is really insane!

In this online course we teach you how to make and lengthen Real Dreads with human hair, but also how to properly maintain Real Dreads. The high-quality techniques have been developed on the basis of our many years of knowledge and experience.

Follow our online course using Dreadshop Tools

In our range you will find many different Tools that are suitable for both Synthetic Dreads and Real Dreads. If you are going to follow one of our online courses, we advise you to purchase a Student Kit. This Student Kit contains all the necessary tools for following our online courses. In each course we explain in detail which Tool you should use for what.