How to become a Real Dreadlock Stylist


How to become a Real Dreadlock Stylist

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Online course How to become a Real Dreadlock Stylist

In this online course you will learn how to install Real Dreads with a perfect crochet technique. You also learn to maintain and lengthen dreads with Human Hair.

In the online course you will learn how to install good quality Real Dreadlocks. You will learn how to make the perfect division of sections with different thicknesses of Dreads. No chemicals are used for installing, only tools.

We also teach you how to eliminate loops and bumps and how best to maintain Real Dreads so that your customer can enjoy neat Dreads for a long time to come.

In addition to all information about the care of Real Dreads and how you can best help your customers, you will also learn how to set up your own branding and how to take good photos of your own work.

The online course lasts 5-6 months and you can take it in your own time (in addition to your study or job). At the end of the course you are ready to start your own salon or to add working with Real Dreads to your work if you already have an existing salon.

Because after following the course you have mastered the right techniques, you can help your customers with a lot of certainty, so that you can earn a good price with your work. Asking good prices is also an extensive offer in this online course.
It is a good investment for your future!

You enter the Dreadshop online network when you register for this course. We can refer customers from your region to you and you can connect with your fellow Dread colleagues from all over the world in our online community.

If you would like more information about this online course, click here. This will take you to our course page, where you can find even more information about the course content. You will also find the overview of all other courses that are available here.

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