Dreadshop day!

You are very welcome at our Dreadshop Day!


On Saturday, May 27, 2023, our Dreadshop Day will take place! A day full of unique offers at Dreadshop!

Where? In the NEW Dreadshop Salon, very easily accessible both by car and by public transport!On our Dreadshop Day we have special, unique offers!

See a sneak preview of last years Dreadshop day

Dreadshop day 2022

On our Dreadshop Day we have special, unique offers!

For example, choose to create an Accent Set. You get a bundle of single ended dreads in the color and length of your choice. You can decorate this with fun decorations such as different colors of yarn and cool beads.

After that one of our professionals will install the Dreads installed! Isn't that what you want?

Cost? Only €155,- (normally 280,-) Big discount! You also get a free Spiralock. And the installing costs only half of our normal rate.

Prefer the Thin Locks of Love? Of course that’s also possible! The same offer applies to these Dreads! Cost? €170,- (normally 320,-) Also a big discount! And now you're probably thinking, will I also get a free Spiralock? Of course! You get that too!

Add extensions between your real dreadlocks!

Do you have Dreads from your own hair? Of course we have thought of that too! We also have a unique offer for you!

Choose two bundles with Human Hair Locks of Love! These are super easy to add to your own Dreads. Don't know how? We are happy to show you at our Dreadshop Day. Of course you can also decorate these Locks of Love with yarn and beads. And that free Spiralock is also included!

Cost? Only € 215,- (normally 270,-) Great discount! Because normally you almost lose this for just the bundles with Human Hair Dreads.
(It’s also also possible to choose our Synthetic Locks of Love)

Claim your spot! Send us an e-mail to salon@dreadshop.com and we will schedule the appointment for you!

Of course you are not obliged to go for Dreads, you are also very welcome to meet the Dreadshop Team! We also have Affiliates visiting from the United States and from the United Kingdom.

Lisa from RAW ROOTS!

In addition, Lisa is also specially flown over from Denmark. You may know her, she is the owner of RAW ROOTs. She's coming to promote one of her newest products!

Visit our salon!

Feel free to take a look in our salon, come for personal color advice and buy our products with a whopping 15% discount!

So quickly make a note on your calendar: May 27, 2023 from 10 a.m. to 4 p.m.

Convinced?Our advice, make an appointment if you want to have the Accent Set installed. Last year we were completely full and of course we don't want to disappoint you.

Book now!

Claim your spot! Send us an e-mail to salon@dreadshop.com and we will schedule the appointment for you!