Dear reader,

How nice that you came to our website.

My name is Renate and I have been working with Dreadlocks for over 20 years.

Dreadshop has now grown into the world top and I am very proud of that!

For years now I have collaborations with different suppliers of products that I support 100%. These collaborations have continued to grow and Dreadshop is now the European retailer of Dollylocks and Spiralocks.

In addition, I have various products from my own brand Renate's Locks of Love such as Synthetic Dreads, Human Hair Dreads, Synthetic Hair and Human Hair.

It is not possible to purchase my Dreads at wholesale prices. I only offer these at wholesale prices if you have completed my Professional Synthetic Dreadlock Stylist course. This is to ensure the quality.

Are you interested in our online course? Click here for more information.


It is possible for companies to purchase products of these brands at Dreadshop at lower rates:

  • Spiralocks
  • Dollylocks
  • Dreadshop Hair & Tools

If you would like to purchase at discount prices with your company, please send us an email to and let us know which products you are interested in, and we will send you the correct information.

When you want to become a Dollylocks retailer, an agreement must be signed in advance, which we will send as an attachment when you indicate you want to buy Dollylocks.

The prices do not include shipping costs, which will be calculated on the website.