7 Tips to avoid frizz of your own hair when your Synthetic Dreads are braided in

7 Tips to avoid frizz of your own hair when your Synthetic Dreads are braided in

You’ve braided in your Synthetic Dreads and fairly quickly you’re noticing frizz at the roots. Some people do like this natural style. But when you don’t really like the frizz and just prefer to postpone this as long as possible, you can do the following things to prevent this!

1. No conditioner

Don’t use any conditioner on your hair 1-2 weeks before you braid your dreads in. This conditioner makes your hair smooth and soft and makes your hair frizz faster when your Dreadlocks are braided in.

2. Make your hair wet when installing Dreads

Make your hair wet when installing the dreads, then you start without any frizz. You can install your Dreads after showering when all your hair is wet, or use a (plant) spray during the installation.

3. Wear a NightCap to cover your Dreadlocks

Sleep with a Night Cap. This really helps a lot!! Your hair will then have no friction on your pillow and will really frizz less quickly!

4. Don’t wash your Dreads too often

Don’t wash it too often. Once a week or less is fine.

5. Use a Spray Shampoo to wash your Dreads

When you wash the Dreadlocks, use a Spray Shampoo. This shampoo does not need to be massaged on your hair and scalp, so your hair will also frizz less quickly.

6. Use a Conditioning Spray on your Dreads

Use a Conditioning Spray to get the frizz toned.

7. Cover the frizz!

When you wear the dreads longer and you have frizz, cover it up with a Headband or Dreadbeanie!


Hope this helps you! All the best, but above all a lot of fun with your Dreadlook! Don’t forget to tag us on Social Media!

-X- Renate


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