Cookies are small text files which we place on the hard disk of your computer so that we can remember who you are. A cookie makes sure that the products on our webshop stay in your shopping cart and that you stay logged into your account.
To place an order at Dreadshop, you need to switch on cookies. If you have switched them off, you are able to look at the website, but you can not place anything in your shopping cart and/or make a payment.

Duration of cookies

Our cookies will only stay active for 1 hour after you last visit to our website. After that, they will be automatically deleted by your computer.

Cookies from third parties

Dreadshop uses a couple of products from Google that place a cookie on your computer. Google will help us form statistics from your visit, like which pages you have viewed.
The information that Google collects will always stay anonymous and will only be provided to Dreadshop to look at.


We respect your privacy. Read more about this in our Privacy Policy.