Do Synthetic Dreadlock Extensions damage your own hair?

Do Synthetic Dreadlock Extensions damage your own hair?

The answer to this question is no!
If you install the Synthetic Dreads in the right way and take them out after 2-3 months, the Synthetic Dreads will not damage your hair.

Because once you have dreads in your hair, you use little or no styling products such as gel, wax, hairspray, hair dryer or a straightener that can damage your hair, so wearing dreadlocks is a moment of rest for your hair.

Keep an eye on a few things! When installing, you should have a good distribution of the dreads, so that the load does not become too heavy for your hair.

Preferably use a seam ripper when you are going to remove your Synthetic Dreads after 2-3 months. With a seam ripper you can easily cut the elastic band or the yarn with which the hair is secured, so that you protect your own hair.

When you are going to take out your Dread Extensions, it is wise to do this section by section. It is best to remove all your Synthetic Dreads first and then comb your own hair. This prevents your own hair from getting into a big tangle.