Why our Synthetic Hair is the best choice!

Why our Synthetic Hair is the best choice!

The quality of Synthetic Hair is incredibly important for making your Synthetic Dreads or Braids. Only with Synthetic Hair that is of good quality you can make your perfect Dreadlocks of Braids yourself.


Chemical coating; Henlon

What we consider tremendously important is that the Henlon hair doesn’t have a chemical coating. This coating is common in the hair industry, in general most of the synthetic hair products have a chemical coating.
Our experience is that this chemical coating can irritate your scalp. And that’s exactly what you don’t want when you braid in this hair!

For that reason we have developed different types of hair without chemical coating in close consultation with our manufacturers and have extensively tested these.

Now we are at the point that we have both types of hair, which are of top-quality, and are extensively tested by us and WITHOUT CHEMICAL COATING in our assortment!

Plastic packaging; Henlon

Since 2019 we are, in close consultation with our manufacturers, switching to shipping synthetic Henlon hair, WITHOUT PLASTIC PACKAGING!

This means that your hair will be shipped in a braided ponytail with just a paper label attached.

We think it’s incredibly cool to be the first in the whole world to do this!