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3 ways to wear your Accent Dreads

Within the range of Dreadshop you will find different types of Accent Sets. 
An Accent Set consists of decorated Single Ended Dreads.You can buy a hand-decorated set at Dreadshop or make this Accent Set yourself (with our help).

How many Dreads do I install for a full head? Reading 3 ways to wear your Accent Dreads 3 minutes

They look beautiful, but how can you actually wear them? Well, there are several options for that and we are happy to explain them to you!

  1. As Partial Dreads

    A nice option to start with Dreads; Partial Synthetic Dreads.

    Because the Dreads are easy to install but also to take out, we see that this option is very popular. It is a nice first introduction to Dreadlocks.

    You put the Dreads of the Accent Set on the lower part of your head. With this the rest of your hair falls nicely over the Dreads and you get a playful, natural Dreadlook. Of course you can have the Dreadlocks installed in our Salon. But we have also developed an online course, in which Renate guides you step by step to do this yourself.
  2. Between your Locks of Love

    When you opt for a full head of Dreads, it is very nice to wear an Accent Set in between. This way you create a playful look and unique style!

    You simply install the Dreads in the same way as undecorated Synthetic Dreads. For optimal results, use 2 bundles of Single Ended Dreads and 2 bundles of Double Ended Dreads for a full head. An Accent Set is 1 bundle of Single Ended Dreads.

    You can of course also visit our Salon for the install of a full head of Dreads.
    But Renate has also developed an online course for this, in which she explains step by step and shows you on camera how you can install dreads on yourself and others.

  3. Between your Real Dreads

    Do you already have Dreadlocks of your own hair? Then it is not only a lot of fun, but also very easy to add an Accent Set with Synthetic Dreads! You can easily add the Single Ended Synthetic Dreads to your own Dreads!

    This creates extra volume, style and perhaps length! Just make sure you move the Synthetic Dreads to other Dreads of your own over time, or take them out for a while. This way you prevent weak spots in your Dreads by wearing accessories in the same place for a long time.

    When you wash your Real Dreads weekly, you can also wash your Synthetic Dreads!

Have fun wearing your Accent Dreads! Will you share your look with me? Feel free to tag me (@dreadshop) on Insta!

-X- Renate