How to install full head synthetic dreadlocks on yourself. Online course Locks of love


How to install Synthetic Dreads on yourself

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Do you want to install your Synthetic Dreads on yourself? Then I can help you! With the access to my videos I show you how you can easily install your Dreads yourself.

This online course in which I explain how to install Synthetic Dreads on yourself consists of several videos. Step by step I am going to show you the process of installing your Dreads. We start with good preparation. Then I will show you the technique you can use for installing your Dreads.

And of course I will show you step by step how to make a perfect division of the sections. How do you install the Dreads in your neck, and also the ones on top of your head and the ones on the sides. I'll show you all clearly. Step by step I will show you how you can install the Dreads yourself.

I offer Renate's Locks of Love in Double Dreads and Single Dreads. In the course I explain the difference in these dreads and I also show you how you can best place each of the Dreads on your head so that you ultimately have the perfect result with a beautiful bunch of Dreads!

* the videos are spoken and / or subtitled in English