How to maintain your own Real Dreads / Online course academy


How to maintain your own Real Dreads

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When you have Real Dreads it is important to maintain your Dreads regularly. This way you prevent your Dreadlocks from growing together and you will also prevent a lot of loops and bumps.

That is why we have developed a Course in which we show you step by step how you can maintain your Dreadlocks yourself.

For example, we show you which Dreadtools you need and what these Tools can actually be used for.

We show you how you can maintain your regrowth yourself, but also how you can get rid of loose hairs in your Dreads.

Do you suffer from loops and / or bumps? This is also addressed in the videos. We show you how to get rid of those neatly.

It takes some practice for you to maintain your Dreads yourself, but we'll show you how! And with our help and explanation you will soon be able to do it too!

You may think: you can see everything well from the front, but how can you maintain the Dreads on the back of your head? In this course we also give you tips about this so that you can also neatly maintain the Dreads on the back of your head.

We have bundled the products that we use to maintain your Dreadlocks in a kit, which you can order here.

* the videos are spoken and / or subtitled in English