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How to maintain your own Real Dreads

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You’re so incredibly happy with your Real Dreads but those loose hairs and the outgrowth… so annoying at times! And then loops and/or bumps start to appear in some places which is something you really don’t want…

Very soon after getting her own Real Dreads, Renate knew: we have to have videos showing you exactly how to maintain your Real Dreads by yourself. Loose hairs will never be a problem again and you will know exactly what to do when a loop or a bump appears in your Dreads.

And I can hear you thinking… but you have a Salon, right? Why would you also offer this? Great question! Beautiful, well-maintained Dreads are what I love to see the most. Of course you’re welcome in our Salon but many Dreadlovers don’t live nearby so this is a perfect solution! Maintaining dreads in your own time, while watching series. I love it!

In these videos I will teach you how to maintain your own outgrowth with the use of a crochet hook. You will also learn how to work away loose hairs, and what to do about loops and bumps.

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* the videos are spoken and / or subtitled in English