Maintenance Course + Toolkit
Maintenance Course + Toolkit
Maintenance Course + Toolkit
Maintenance Course + Toolkit


Maintenance Course + Toolkit

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For creating or maintaining Real Dreads you need different Tools, we offer these Dreadlock tools in a handy Dreadkit.

With the purchase of this Dreadkit you will also receive access to our course for maintaining your Real Dreads!
In this course we will show you step by step how you can maintain your Real Dreadlocks.

You can make maintaining Real Dreads easier by using the right Dreadlock Tools. In this Toolkit you will find all the tools you need to maintain your Real Dreads.

With the clips you can secure your Dreads easily so you don’t have any Dreads or loose hairs that are in the way.
With help of the comb you can tidy up the sectioning and backcomb the outgrowth.
You can use the crochet hook to tighten your Dreadlocks and pull loose hairs back into the dread.
And with the Dread Tool you can easily work away long loose hairs into the Dreadlocks.

How you can use these Dread Tools for maintaining your Real Dreadlocks we will show you in our Course. 

When you order this Dread Toolkit you will get access to the course by mailing your order number to We will give you access to the course as soon as we can and we will send you the Dread Toolkit as soon as possible.

When you already have all the tools and you want to buy just the course, click here.

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