Split | GingerAsh - Dreadset Full Head

The Split Look can be put together in many colors with our Dreads! And the big advantage of our Dreadlock Extensions is that they provide a temporary look. You don't have to bother dying your hair, wearing Dreadlock Extensions will add color but is also harmless for your hair. You simply braid the Dreads in and take them out again easily. The great thing about this is that our handmade Dreads of the best quality are endlessly reusable!

This Dreadset is composed by Emilie. Here she wears Go Ginger, a warm, ombré shade, along with Ash Blonde, a cool, light blonde. The colors enhance each other beautifully and make this look unique!

When you buy this Dreadset, you will receive enough Dreads for a full head with a lot of volume, namely 4 bundles of Locks of Love. This is divided into 2 Single Ended and 2 Double Ended bundles. By combining these with each other, the perfect distribution on your head is created. This way you can wear the Dreads comfortably and the Dreads fall in the most natural way. Of course half of the set is in the color Go Ginger and the other half in the color Ash Blonde.

The material from which the Dreads are made is Henlon Hair. This is high-quality synthetic material, selected by Renate. The hair looks soft, silky and gives a natural look. An additional advantage is that it is finished without a chemical coating, very pleasant for your scalp while wearing the Dreads!