Romy in the window with chocolate swirl dreads, Are synthetic dreads harmful for your hair?

Are Synthetic Dreads harmful for my hair?

We hear this question quite often: Are Synthetic Dreads harmful for my hair?

The short answer for this is: no, dreadlocks are not harmful for your hair, provided that they have been installed the right way and providing that you have healthy hair!

Pay attention! Do keep in mind that you have to section your hair well when you start installing dreads, this will prevent the hair from getting too heavy.

When you have dreads you will use minimal to no styling products that harm your hair, for example not using: gel, wax, hairspray, a hairdryer or a straightener will give your hair a break.

You always lose some hairs, about 80-100 a day. Normally you would find these in your brush, on the floor, on your clothing, in your bed etc. However when you have dreads all of your hair will be stuck in the braids that hold your dreadlocks in place, your hair will not break off.

We advise you to wear your dreads up to 2-3 months. We recommend you give your hair a small break of a few days after you’ve uninstalled your dreads. After that you or someone else will be able to install your dreads again!

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