Can I dye the Human Hair Locks of Love?

Can I dye the Human Hair Locks of Love?

One of our frequently asked questions is whether the Human Hair Dreadlock Extensions can be dyed.

In this blog we would like to give you an answer to this.

Can I use regular hair dye when dyeing the Human Hair Dreads?

It is possible to dye the Human Hair Dreads with normal hair dye.

Our advice is to only dye the hair when the Dreads are going to be dyed a darker color.

Would you like a lighter color? Then order a lighter color Human Hair Dreadlocks. Because our Human Hair Dreads have already been processed and treated, we do not recommend dyeing the Human Hair Dreadlocks Extensions lighter. If you paint the Dread even lighter, you will damage the hair more, which means that there is a chance that the Dreads will break.

What should I pay attention to when I dye the Human Hair Dreads?

Make sure that the paint is rinsed out of the dreads very well. If leftover paint remains in the Human Hair Dreads, this will cause damage to the hair/Dreads. We recommend that you do not dye the Human Hair Dreads yourself, but go to a hairdresser for this.

Also keep in mind that the hair dye used on the Human Hair Dreadlock Extensions can turn out completely different in color than it would on your own hair.

Note: Dreadshop has no experience with dyeing our Human Hair Dreads, we obtained the information about dyeing the Human Hair Dreads from our supplier, they do have this experience.

We do have experience with dyeing Human Hair, this experience has been added in the text above.

Dyeing Human Hair or Human Hair Dreads is at your own risk, Dreadshop is not responsible if any damage is caused by dyeing the hair or Dreads or if the result is not as desired.