Emilie gets her Partial Real Dreads!

Emilie gets her Partial Real Dreads!

Emilie our lovely colleague and model has worn Synthetic Dreadlock Extensions for years.

And now it's time for a new step! Emilie gets Real, Partial Dreads with Human Hair extension.

In this blog we would like to take you on her journey and at the bottom of this blog you can find the video in which she also takes you on her journey.

Emilie says goodbye to her very last set Synthetic Dreadlock Extensions. For Dreadshop she has worn more than 40 different Synthetic Dreadsets. 

Now she is taking a new step! It's time for Partial Real Dreads!

For her Partial Real Dreads, Human Hair Locks of Love has been used in different shades. Emilie has chosen to have a number of her Dread ends extended to a lighter blond shade so that she can dye these ends in a different color later.

Diane, who works in our salon, has installed Emilie's Real Dreads, she is an experienced Dreadinstaller and works in our salon a lot.

Emilie has chosen to have Partial Dreads installed with slightly longer, loose ends of the Human Hair. She has also chosen a difference in length in her Dreads to create more volume.

The Dreads are set with a special Crochet Hook Method so that the Dreads are immediately firm and there is no difference in thickness in the part where the Dreads are extended.

Would you also like to learn how to install Real Dreads with the best technique and how to maintain and lengthen Real Dreads? We have developed an online course for this, more information about this course can be found here.

Would you like to know more about the care of Partial Dreads? Then click here.

If you would also like to have Partial Synthetic Dreads or Partial Real Dreads set, you can always contact us to schedule an appointment in our salon.