I have (very) thin hair, can I wear Synthetic Dreads?

I have (very) thin hair, can I wear Synthetic Dreads?

If you have thinner hair then I understand very well that you wonder if wearing Dreadlocks is extra harmful to your hair. That is why I want to give you more information about wearing Dreadlocks in thin(ner) hair in this blog.
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I have (very) thin hair, can I wear Dreads?

It is perfectly possible to wear Dreads with (very) thin hair! It is important that you make sure you do not use too much Dreads. This way you ensure that your hair is not overloaded and therefore breaks off, because that is of course something we absolutely do not want.
Keep in mind that the sections will be slightly larger than with normal or thick hair.

How many Dreads can I wear with thin hair?

Even if you have thin hair, we recommend four bundles of Renate's Locks of Love. However, you can choose to go for three bundles with Single ended Dreads and a bundle with Double ended dreads.

On the back of the head a bit above the neck and on top of your head a bit behind your hairline, the hair is stronger and often fuller, you can place the Double ended dreads there.

If you have really thin hair, choose four bundles of Single ended Dreads, this way you ensure that your hair is not overloaded, because the Single ended Dreads are lighter than the Double ended Dreads.

You may have some Dreads left over because you use slightly less Dreads with thin hair. You can choose to use it as an extra elastic for example. If you still have Single Ended Dreads left, you can also easily attach them to another Dread. That way you still have just a little more volume.

You can also choose to braid these dreads together and wear them as a hair band or as an elastic. So there are also many advantages if you have a number of Dreadlocks left.

Is wearing Dreads harmful to thin hair?

The answer to this is no, as long as you don't overload your own hair. It is therefore important that you install the Dreads properly or have them installed.
Because once you have dreads in your hair, you use little to no styling products such as gel, wax, hairspray, hair dryer or a flat iron that can cause damage to your hair, wearing dreadlocks is a moment of rest for your hair.

We recommend a wearing period of about 2 months for dreads. If you give your own hair a rest for a few days or more after taking it out, you can then put your dreads back in again!


-X- Renate