Do I want to wear my bangs/fringe loose or not when I wear Synthetic Dreads?

Do I want to wear my bangs/fringe loose or not when I wear Synthetic Dreads?

Are you in doubt? Do I want to leave my bangs/ fringe out or do I want to install dreads into them?

When you always have a fringe or bangs it can be a big step to braid them into your dread install. Your face might feel/look a bit empty when you wear your fringe/bangs back.
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Are you wearing dreads for the first time?

Then it’s a safer move to leave your fringe or bangs out of your dread install. This way it will be a less drastic change.
You can wear your fringe/bangs back by letting your hair fall in between your dreadlocks. This also gives a fun, natural and playful effect. You can also wear your fringe/bangs back by using a Headband.
Do you like the look of having your fringe/bangs pulled back? Then you can always choose to install dreads into your fringe/bangs!

Dreadlocks and a fringe: How do I part my fringe?

When you wear a fringe in your usual haircut you can keep the parting in your fringe. When you don’t have a fringe yet, but you want to get one when you have a dread install, you have to choose how long and wide you want to wear your fringe and part the hair. With the Pin Tail Comb you can ‘draw’ a good parting on your scalp. It’s best to cut your fringe after you get a dread install.

Dreadlocks and bangs: How do I part my bangs?

If you don’t want to wear the bangs in front of your face in your dread install, then you can separate your bangs by using a comb to make a line from one ear to the other. This way you create a straight parting. The best way to do this is to use the Pin Tail Comb.

You can always cut your bangs in the length you want after you installed your dreads.
With bangs you can choose to leave the hair near your ears longer, but you can also choose to cut asymmetrical bangs.

Separation between fringe and bangs or hiding dreadlocks

Are you annoyed by the fact that the parting of your fringe/bangs is clearly visible? Then you can do two things:
Leave out more fringe/bangs than you usually would when you install dreadlocks. This way you can separate small strands of hair and let them fall over your dreads so your parting will be less visible.

You can also cover it with some nice Headwear so you won’t be able to see it anymore.
After a while the divisions between the dreads will also be less visible. In the beginning it will look very divided and the divisions are very clear to see. Over time the braids of your dreads will loosen up and they will get a little fluffier. The tight and clear divisions between the dreadlocks will become less visible.