Pin Tail Comb


Pin Tail Comb

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Useful while installing your Dreads

This fantastic pointed comb is a must have when you are going to install Synthetic Dreads or Real Dreads.

With the fine tip at the end of the comb you can make partings in an easy way. This makes it easy to make a perfect sectioning for Synthetic Dreads or Real Dreads.

You can also use this pin tail comb for backcombing the hair when you make Real Dreads.

Are you going to take out your Synthetic Dreads? Then use the tip of this comb to easily loosen the bits of hair that are braided around the Synthetic Dread.

Looking for a complete package for installing Synthetic Dreads, creating or maintaining Real Dreads to which this Pin Tail Comb has been added? Then click here.

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