What is the best way to divide the colors of my Dreads?

What is the best way to divide the colors of my Dreads?

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One or two basic colors of Dreads, a natural highlight, it all sounds great, but how do I get these colors of Dreadlocks divided into a beautiful head of Dreads?

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Dividing the numbers of Dreads

When you install a full head of Dreads it’s good to divide the head in three parts. The parts are: the right side, the left side and the back of the head.
Divide your Dreads in three parts as well when you use the Dreads to install. That way you will use an equal number of Dreads for each side of the head, so the end result is a full head of Dreads with the right color distribution.
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I have chosen three colors of Dreadlocks

When you choose three colors in an evenly divided number, you will divide these three colors in three parts. When using three colors try to avoid putting the same color of Dreads next to each other to get the most beautiful result.

I have chosen 2 basic colors of Dreads and a highlight

This combination of Dreadlocks is very easy to divide. Use the two basic colors alternately as much as possible. Divide the highlight color in three parts. Install one part of the highlights on one side, part two on the other side and part three on the back. Try to keep some distance between the highlights for the nicest result.

I choose 50% natural colors and 50% bright colors of Dreads

It’s important with this combination that you don’t place the colors of dreadlocks you’ve chosen next to each other. Especially when you’ve chosen a couple of natural colors and/or a couple of bright colors it’s doable to make a good distribution and not place the same colors next to each other. Try to also install the dreads in three parts, so that each color is nicely divided evenly on each part of the head.

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