9 Tips! How to prepare yourself on getting Real Dreads

9 Tips! How to prepare yourself on getting Real Dreads

How cool that you have decided to get Dreadlocks! Or; you may still be considering making the move to Dreads. That may also be the reason that you read this. I am Renate and in this blog I will explain to you the best way to prepare yourself and your hair on getting Dreadlocks. Because there is nothing better than good preparation and a good start!

1. Stop using regular shampoo

When you have decided that it is time for you to get Dreads, it is wise to stop using standard shampoo and conditioner. These products provide layers on your hair, with the result that the hair becomes smooth and soft. And that is not ideal if your hair has to be tied and knotted together when making the Dreads.

2. Start by using a Dreadlock shampoo

For that reason it is best to replace your own standard shampoo with a special Dreadlock Shampoo. This shampoo ensures a better structure of your hair, so that the Dreads have a better grip. The Dreadlock shampoos that I sell in my webshop are from worldwide known brands. I have tested each of these shampoos to my satisfaction and that is also the reason why I support these products.

You can choose from a liquid shampoo and from shampoo bars. The shampoo bars are especially suitable for young Dreadlocks. This is because salt has been added to this product, which contributes to the maturing of your Dreadlocks.

3. Stop using regular hair products

It is also wise to stop using all other hair care products. Think of gel, hair spray and / or wax. It is also best to replace these products with special Dreadlock products that contribute to a better hair structure when you are on the eve of your Dreadlock journey.

4. When to start with the Dreadlock products?

You probably wonder what the best time is to start with the special Dreadlock products. That is of course up to you. There are people who start a few months before their first Dreadlocks, others do that a few weeks in advance. My advice is to start with it at least a week before your Dread appointment.

5. The washing routine of Dreadlocks

Another preparation that you can already get started with is to get used to the Dreadlock washing routine. I recommend you, once deployed, wash your Dreadlocks once a week. So if you wash your normal hair more often, it may help to start reducing the number of weekly washes.

6. Continue to brush your hair

Make sure that you brush and comb your hair well before your first Dreads. It is a big misunderstanding that when you want Dreadlocks, you also decide to stop brushing your hair. While making your Dreads I work in a certain way, in a certain pattern, and it helps enormously if your hair is well cared for and brushed.

7. Split hair ends

Another thing that contributes to the optimal Dread result are your split hair ends. This hair tips stick together more easily, so that your Dreads will "fall even more beautifully."

8. The day before your Dread appointment

I advise you to wash your hair the day before you have your Dreads done. That way we get started with fresh, clean hair! And also ensure that your hair is dry before you enter our salon. Clean, dry and brushed hair ensures the very best Dread result.

9. Bring photos!

To make sure you get the Dreadlocks that you want, your Dreamhair; bring photos of Dreadlocks to the salon that you love. That way we get an even better idea of ​​what you want! Do you want thin or thicker Dreads? Short, longer or in between? It's possible! We want you to leave the salon at the end of the day with a big smile on your face! And that you then wear the Dreadlocks that you have always wanted!

See you at Dreadshop!

Hopefully this information has helped you and I hope you are now completely ready for your Dread appointment! Of course I hope to welcome you in my salon, so that together we can start your Dreadlock journey! I look forward to it anyway!


-X- Renate