Is Synthetic Henlon Hair Heat Resistant?

Is Synthetic Henlon Hair Heat Resistant?

Synthetic Henlon Hair is extremely popular within our range! We have worked with different hair types in the past and the final conclusion is that our Henlon Hair meets all our requirements!

One of the requirements is that the hair is heat resistant, but what exactly does this mean?

Heat Resistant Synthetic Henlon Hair, what does it mean?

When Synthetic Hair is heat resistant, it means that you can process the hair with heat. This can be, for example, with steam or boiling water. The Henlon Hair can be shaped by this heat and the quality remains the same.

When Synthetic Hair is not heat resistant, it can take on a different structure and the quality will worsen. The hair melts, when you treat it with heat.

High Heat Resistant Henlon Hair

There is also a difference between high heat and low heat resistant hair. Our Henlon Hair is resistant to any form of heat, both high and low. At high temperatures you can process the hair, for example making Dreads from the hair with steam. Or make curls in your Dreads with boiling water.

Henlon Hair without chemical coating

Finally, I would like to share with you that all our Henlon Hair is made without chemical coating. Many other Synthetic Hair is standardly finished with a chemical coating. Because we think this is not necessary and not nice for your scalp, we have chosen not to do this. In our eyes this is a big fat plus of this product. :)

-X- Renate