Lice in my Dreads

Lice in my Dreads

Oh no! Lice in your Dreads! Even with ‘normal’ hair, that is unpleasant, but when you wear Dreadlocks it is even more unpleasant! What to do?

I have lice and wear Dreads

If you are already a Dreadhead, then a preventive protection is a good option anyway. Especially when you work in a place where lice infestations are more common (think about a daycare, school or sport club), preventative products are recommended.
Tea Tree is a natural product that lice don’t like. As well as for preventative use, and if you have lice, we can recommend this! The Tea Tree shampoo from Dollylocks lends itself perfectly for this!
Other products that contain Tea Tree and are available at Dreadshop:

Lice with Synthetic Dreads

If you have spot lice on your head and you are wearing synthetic Dreads? The easiest way to get rid of it is by taking your Dreads out of your hair immediately and proceed with the regular way of controlling lice. Google it.

The Dreads you have taken out you can wash separately and then keep them in a closed (plastic) bag. If there are nits that have survived, they will suffocate in the closed bag. You can use these Dreads again after. Make sure to double check of course and maybe wash them again before your install them or get them installed.
Did you just install your Dreads and you don’t want to take them out? Treat them, like described below, like the treatment of lice with Real Dreads.

Lice with Real Dreads

When prevention didn’t help and your still see that you have lice in your Real Dreads, or when you didn’t think of prevention and discovered that you have lice, you can use the RAW ROOTs Creeps Tincture. Creeps Tincture is effective and easy to use, since you don’t have to comb your hair. The tincture doesn’t have to be rinsed out and after two treatments you are sure that lice and eggs are dead!

How to use it?
Apply the tincture on your scalp and from 4 inch / 10 centimeter also on the hair and Dreadlocks. Wrap the hair in a plastic bag. Let it sit for an hour. Take off the plastic after that and leave the tincture in the hair. It is not necessary to rinse it out or comb after using it. Repeat this after five days. After that you can repeat it again preventative.

It will take some patience and perseverance of you, but don’t give up! Cutting your Dreadlocks because of lice is definitely not necessary. It will take time and energy to remove the lice unfortunately though.

Good luck and for after: enjoy your lice free Dreadies!

-X- Renate