Can I bleach my Real Dreads?

Can I bleach my Real Dreads?

You are getting a little bored of your (natural) hair color and you want to dye your Real Dreads in a (bright) color! But to get the best result, it is recommended to bleach your own hair first. Is this a wise thing to do when you already have Real Dreads?

Bleaching your Real Dreads; yes or no?

Bleaching your hair is done with peroxide, this takes the pigment out of your hair. Peroxide can damage your hair. It gets dry and with frequent use your hair can even break off. Our advice when you do decide to use peroxide: go to a professional for the best, most safe result.

But how will I get those (bright) colored Dreads?

In this case Dreadshop recommends to dye your own hair before you get your Real Dreads made. But again: go to a professional who can help you with this.

Are there alternatives?

Yes, namely the use of Synthetic Dreads. And with this we can help and advise you! We have a large and varied assortment and we have many years of experience with this product. Synthetic Dreads are available in all the colors of the rainbow and are easy to braid into your own hair. These Dreads are not harmful for your Real Dreads, but you can combine endlessly with them whenever you feel like having a temporary addition to your hairdo.

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-X- Renate