Satin pillow cases, why are they so important for your Dreads?

Satin pillow cases, why are they so important for your Dreads?

Sleeping is lovely, everyone needs sleep, but sleeping can be really bad for your Dreads. Why? In this blog you can learn more about how to take care of your Dreads while you sleep.
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Your Dreads need to be cared ford, even when your sleeping

When you turn in your sleep, your head and Dreads rub against your pillow. With as consequence your Dreads and/ or roots can get frizzy easily, which can make your Dreads less beautiful quicker. Which is not what you want. 

Dreadshops satin pillowcase is the solution! The satin is so soft that your Dreads will glide over the pillow, this prevents your Dreads from getting frizzy so easily when you sleep.

The pillowcase is nice and spacious and will fit around every pillow. The pillowcase has a large sturdy elastic, so the pillowcase stays well around your pillow.

The nightcap will be replaced with the satin pillowcase

For years the night cap has been part of our assortment. A beautiful, big cover for around your dreads, but for Renate’s Locks of Love the nightcap was a bit too small. In addition to not being very romantic in the bedroom. An alternative was a good idea. And so the satin pillowcase was made.

Order your pillowcase for your Dreads easily online

The satin pillowcase is without a doubt easy to order online on our website and will be delivered to you in a beautiful satin bag, so no plastic. Another benefit; you can easily take your pillowcase with you when you are sleeping somewhere else ;)

The pillowcase is made of 100% satin and is available in different colors. You can wash the pillowcase, preferably with a careful hand wash. But I put it in with the other laundry, which works just fine!

I would say: ‘Sleep well!’

-X- Renate