Are Dreadlocks dirty?

Are Dreadlocks dirty?

To this day there is a lot of prejudice about Dreads. The biggest of them all being that Dreadlocks are dirty. Dreadlocks are not dirty! It is about time we remove this prejudice!

Dreadlocks aren't dirty

In the old days people let their Dreadlocks develop in a natural way. They didn’t wash and comb their hair anymore, which created Dreadlocks. Dreadlocks are pieces of matted/ felted hair. Those weren’t always clean.

Nowadays Dreads are created with very different techniques and a lot of products have been developed to care for Dreadlocks and clean them.

Washing your Dreads quickens the locking process

A lot of shampoos and other care products for Dreadlocks are available. You can keep your Dreads super clean with these products. Your scalp and Dreads stay nice and clean and optimally cared for when you use these products.

Washing your Dreads quickens the locking process. So if you want your Dreads to be well taken care of, it's especially important to wash your Dreads. 

Deep Clean your Dreads with a Detox

You can even choose to deep clean your Dreads with a special Detox for your Dreads. 

If you have been wearing your Dreads for a longer time, impurities, product residue and dirt will build up within your Dreads. With a Detox you will clean your Dreads from deep inside, which will make them super clean.

Installing Dreads without products

Are you considering Real Dreads? Look for a salon that doesn’t use chemical products or wax. In Dreadshops Salon we work with a special crochet hook technique, with which we directly create beautiful sturdy Dreads. We do not use products, so the Dreads stay clean.

Conclusion: Dreadlocks are not dirty! 

With RAWROOTs and Dollylocks products your Dreads will be cleaner than ever before! The products are easy to order from our Dreadshop website and we ship worldwide. 

-X- Renate