The different ends you can choose for Real Dreads

The different ends you can choose for Real Dreads

When installing Real Dreads, different ends of the Dreads are possible. You can choose from different options. In this blog we would like to explain the difference between the different ends that are available.

Normal ends, also known as Loose Ends

With Loose Ends, the hair is dreaded as far as possible, so you have a short tip with loose hair on the end of your Dreads. You can choose to have Loose Ends on Real Dreads without extensions, but Loose Ends are also possible for Real Dreads with extensions by using Human Hair.

Blunt ends

With Blunt Ends we hook the end of the Dreads back into the Dread, so that you get a blunt end on the Dreads. This option is often chosen by men, because it gives a somewhat tougher look.
With Blunt Ends you can lose a bit more length to the Dreads, because the end is put back into the Dreads.
When we make blunt ends on your Dreads, it needs some time before the ends remain blunt. In the beginning, some hairs will come loose from the ends.
Blunt Ends are possible with both Real Dreads without extension and Real Dreads with extension with Human Hair.

Thicker, fuller ends, also called Full Ends

With Full Ends we crochet extra Human Hair at the end of the Dread, so that a beautiful, full, long, loose end created by loose hair.
The Human Hair from Dreadshop naturally has a wave that emerges when the loose ends get wet / washed, giving it a beautiful natural effect. This option is often chosen by women and gives the Dreads a more playful, softer look.
In this blog we tell you more about the care of Full Ends. 
Full Ends are also possible with both real Dreads without extension and real Dreads with extension with Human Hair.

Are you interested in Real Dreads and do you want us to install them? Then make an appointment in our Salon. We are happy to create your dream Look!

-X- Renate