With our Human Hair you can make the tips of your Real Dreads fuller

With our Human Hair you can make the tips of your Real Dreads fuller

The Human Hair in the Dreadshop range is unique and of high quality. The Human Hair is perfectly suited to create more volume for the tips of your Real Dreads. We also call this Dreads with Full ends.

In the Dreadshop's Salon we also use the Human Hair when we lengthen Dreads. More and more customers are opting for Full ends on their Dreads.
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Full ends, what are they?

For Full ends we crochet extra hair at the end of your Dreads, so that a beautiful, full, long, loose point with loose hair is created.
The Human Hair from Dreadshop has a natural wave of its own, which emerges when the loose ends get wet/washed.

Full ends and Partial Dreads

Full ends are also super nice when you have Partial Dreads, your own loose hair will mix in very nicely with the loose hair at the ends of the Dreads.

How do I take care of my Full ends?

Do you want to enjoy your Full ends for a long time? Then it is important to take good care of them. We are therefore happy to provide you with more information.
When your Dreads with Full ends have just been installed, some loose hairs may fall out in the first days, that is normal. As your Dreads mature and become firmer, the Full ends with loose hair will also become firmer.

Our advice is to 'comb' your hair with your fingers about once a month, because your hair will slowly start to tangle a bit. And when you do this with a comb, you quickly comb out some hair. That is why it is better to 'comb' the hair with your fingers. This way you run less risk of pulling more loose hair from your ends.
What is the best approach? Hold the bottom part of your Dreads firmly between your fingers when you run your fingers through the loose hairs. This also prevents more hair from coming loose.

How long will my Full ends stay beautiful?

When combing through your loose ends, loose hairs will always fall out. After a number of years, your Full ends will therefore be less full than in the beginning. We can solve this by adding some extra Human hair to your ends!

You may notice over time that the hair in your loose ends feels a bit drier. The lighter the color of the Human Hair used for this, the faster this can happen. Read more about this in this blog.

Use a Refreshing spray or Conditioning oil to give the ends some extra care. You can also use a conditioner for normal hair in the ends when you wash your Dreads. This way they quickly feel wonderful and soft again. Make sure that no conditioner gets into your Dreads!

-X- Renate