What actually are Dreads?

What actually are Dreads?

On my website you will find a lot of information about Dreads and about the care of Dreads, but what are Dreads actually?

Dreads or also called Dreadlocks are strands of matted / felted hair.

A big prejudice about Dreads is that they are dirty, that it is unwashed hair and that they stink.
Perhaps this was the case in the old days, when no comb or brush had been invented yet. When Dreads appeared in many different cultures because the hair simply was not combed and therefore tangled together.

Today we see Dreads not only as a lifestyle, but also as a hairstyle. A hairstyle that requires care if you want to have beautiful, neat Dreads.
And there are a lot of products on the market today that can wash, care for and touch up Dreadlocks. The prejudice about dirty Dreads is outdated.

Basically Dreads are tangled and knotted hair. This is where the Synthetic Dreads variant was created. This is tangled synthetic hair, made in a Dread, that you can braid into your own hair and take it out again. This way you can create a temporary hairstyle, How cool !?

Dreadlocks created from your own hair are more permanent and are often worn for years.
Synthetic Dreads is a hairstyle that you can wear temporarily. After about 2-3 months the Synthetic Dreads have to be removed again. You can of course choose to install the Synthetic Dreads again afterwards. My Locks of Love are of the highest quality and endlessly reusable! Or change up color! The choice is yours!

Which Dreadlocks are suitable for you is a very personal choice. Do you choose permanent or do you choose temporary. Fortunately, nowadays there are many different techniques to make Dreadlocks, so you can eventually wear the perfect Dreadlocks!


-X- Renate