Installing and removing Dreads, how does this work exactly?

Installing and removing Dreads, how does this work exactly?

Synthetic Dreads are temporary Dreads. You will have to install them and then remove them after about 2-3 months, but how does this work exactly?
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Installing Synthetic Dreads

When you go for Synthetic Dreads", these will have to be installed, also called braiding in. Installing can be done using different types of "braiding" methods.
You braid the Synthetic Dread into your own hair and secure it with an elastic. With a good sectioning pattern and a good distribution of weight, this is not harmful to your own hair.

You can choose to install Synthetic Dreads on yourself, but there are also salons that can do this for you!

With good care of your hair and scalp you can wear Synthetic Dreads for about 2-3 months.

Removing Synthetic Dreads

After about 2-3 months your hair has grown a few inches / centimeters and your Dreads have "grown out". Then it’s time to remove the Synthetic Dreads. Take your time when you’re going to remove them and don’t do it when you’re in a rush.

You can do this by cutting the elastic loose using a seam ripper. With the use of the tip of your pointed comb you can easily detach the tufts of hair from your Dreads.
It is best to remove all your Dreads before washing your hair.

When you have removed all the Synthetic Dreads, apply a nice thick layer of conditioner in your hair. You can let this soak in for 30 - 60 minutes, which makes combing out your hair easier.

Then slowly start combing out, start at the ends and slowly comb more upwards.

You lose about 80-100 hairs a day, these loose hairs have now all remained in your hair, so don't be alarmed by the bunch of hair that you comb out! This is totally normal.
Did you comb everything out? Then rinse your hair well and wash it a few times. If you like it, you can use an extra nourishing hair mask afterwards.

How much time can I take between installing and removing Dreads?

If you want to reinstall your Synthetic Dreads, we advise you to wait a week before they are installed again. Your scalp can still be a bit sensitive after removing your Dreads and it is not pleasant if the Dreads are put back in immediately. It is also nice for your scalp and hair to get some rest.

And you can wash your own hair extra in between, which is also very nice.

Have fun with your Dreads if you decide to go for it!


-X- Renate