What are Synthetic Dreads made of?

What are Synthetic Dreads made of?

There are many types of Synthetic Dreads, but what exactly are they made of? I would like to explain that to you in this blog.

What are Synthetic Dreads made of?

There are many different types of Synthetic Dreads available. And as the word says, these Synthetic Dreads are made of Synthetic Hair. There are different types of Synthetic Hair such as: X-pression hair, Kanekalon hair, Toupelon, Modacrylic, Elure and Hiperlon, Henlon Hair and many more types.

Each type of Synthetic Hair has its own qualities. For example, one type of hair reacts better to hot steam and with yet another type of Synthetic Hair it is better to use a crochet hook.

What are the Synthetic Dreads at Dreadshop made of?

Our "old" Dreads, as previously the Thin Dreads, Thick Dreads and Lightweight Dreads, were made from Kanekalon Hair.
But in 2019 I traveled to my supplier in China to develop the perfect Dreadlock there. The Renate's Locks of Love was then developed. In the coming years I therefore want to continue to focus on this type of Dreadlock with an extension in the Thin Renate's Locks of Love that has recently been done. But I also want to expand in colors in the future.

One of the most important requirements for these new Renate's Locks of Love is the material with which the Dreadlocks are made. I have chosen to have these Dreadlocks made from our Henlon Hair." This hair is not only of super quality, this hair also contains no chemical coating. This ensures that there is much less chance of irritation of the scalp when you wear these Dreads. And it is also much better for the environment, which I also find very important.

Which Synthetic Hair can I use for my Dreadlocks?

I have had Henlon Hair" in the range for a long time. This hair is extremely popular! Every day we package many bundles of Henlon Haar.
In addition to Henlon Hair, we also have Kanekalon Hair, and Kanekalon Hair at Dreadshop has been developed without chemical coating since the beginning of 2020.

Would you like more information about the differences between these hair types? Click here to read this blog.


-X- Renate