How do I maintain my Real Dreads?

How do I maintain my Real Dreads?

When your Real Dreads have been created, it takes a lot of maintenance and caring to keep your Dreads beautiful and clean. But there are several tips for maintenance available with a good result, that we like to explain to you in this Blog.

Palmrolling your Real Dreads

The first period, especially the first two months, it’s very important to regularly palmroll your Dreadlocks. This works best with slightly damp hair, but it’s also effective with dry hair. After the first two months you can palmroll your Dreadlocks about twice a week for the best result.
By palmrolling them your Dreads will get a nice and round shape and you prevent your Dreads from getting flat. Besides that you will make the Dreadlocks more compact with this and loose hairs will lock better into your Dreadlocks.

How to palmroll?

You palmroll by taking a Dread between your hands and then you rub / roll it back and forth between your hands. Then proceed with the next Dread. You repeat this process until you have done all your Dreads. This is quite an investment of time to do this, but it’s definitely worth it. After some time your Dreadlocks will become thinner because of the palmrolling. This is because your Dreadlocks are getting more compact. But don’t worry; your Dreads will get thicker again eventually!

What to do with frizzy hair?

When your Dreads are still a bit frizzy, even after palmrolling, you can use a special Tightening Spray or Dreadgel to stick the hairs to your Dread, so to speak. By doing this these hairs can join the Dread process. You can use this Tightening Spray or Dreadgel during palmrolling, that way you can divide the products evenly on your Dread.
We advise to use products like Tightening Spray or Dreadgel in your Dreadlocks no more than two times a week. When you use to much of these products, your Dreads can easily become (too) sticky and dry. 

Washing your Dreadlocks

Of course you also have to wash your Real Dreadlocks to keep them clean and fresh. It’s important to not wash or wet your hair the first two to four weeks after they have been created. For the period after that we recommend to wash your Real Dreads once a week. We have written a previous Blog about this, you can read it here.

Dreadlock care

To care for your Dreads and keep them smelling fresh there are different caring products available in the assortment of Dreadshop. The choice of which product suits you best depends on what you require. About this we have also written a previous blog.

Of course you want to give your Dreads all the love and the best care so that they look beautiful and well-groomed.
With my 20 years of experience I have written down my 5 most important tips for you! With these tips you can take great care of your Real Dreads!
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