Which colors Synthetic Dreads do I choose?

Which colors Synthetic Dreads do I choose?

You decided to get Dreads or you are seriously considering to get them. That’s great! It is normal that you ask yourself the question; which colors should I choose?
Below we will describe some color advices based on a full head of Dreadlocks.

Dreadlocks in natural shades

When you choose a natural look with Dreads, Dreadshop advises you to choose one to three natural shades that are close to each other in color. The base shade is the color that matches your own hair color the best. The other two colors are one shade lighter and one shade darker than the base shade. Your own hair is often also a couple of different shades and by picking three colors that are closest to each other you will get a playful but natural effect.

With the development of the Renate’s Locks of Love I have kept this natural color scheme in mind. The hair of every Dreadlock is a mix of different colors to get a more natural result. Because of this you get a natural effect with these Dreadlocks even when you choose only one color.

A natural Dreadbase with colorful highlights

Do you want to expand your natural Dreadbase with a bright color in it? But you don’t want this color to be dominant? Use maximum one pack or bundle of Synthetic Dreads in that color. The highlight will be visible, but not too dominantly present.
Another fun idea is to pimp your natural dreads with a different color of yarn and beads. For this you can use a DIY Kit for example. This way you also create fun highlights!
An Accent Set is also a fun option to combine with your other dreads! 
We have these available in different (constantly changing) color schemes.

A natural Dreadbase with natural highlights

If you expand your natural Dreadbase with a natural highlight, use about one to one and a half pack or bundle of this color of Synthetic Dreads.

Colorful Dreads

Do you like to shine? Use a lot of color! For example you can choose one half of the Dreads in bright colors and the other half of the Dreads in natural shades.

Only one color of Dreads

Of course you can also choose to pick only one color of Dreads. Our advice is to make sure your own hair color is close to this color. This way the braids of your own hair, where the Dreads are braided into your hair, will blend into the color of the Dreadlocks.

We hope that this explanation will give you some ideas, so you can choose what fits you best! Good luck and have fun in advance!

There are many other options for dividing colors of Dreads. When you want a fitting advice about which color(s) of Dreads will suit you best, don’t hesitate to mail us a photo of you hair color with a description of what you want your Dreads to look like. We enjoy helping you choose! You can mail to orders@dreadshop.com.


-X- Renate