My Dreads are already slipping down after two weeks, how is this possible?

My Dreads are already slipping down after two weeks, how is this possible?

The slipping down of your Synthetic Dreads can have various causes. In this blog I would like to explain these causes. In addition, I will also indicate the solution to prevent your Dreads from slipping down as much as possible.


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My Dreads are slipping down already, how is this possible?

The slipping down of your Dreads can have various causes such as:

Dreads and conditioner

Before installing the Dreads, the hair has been washed with conditioner so that the hair is smooth. With smooth hair, the chance of the Dreads slipping down is bigger.
Before using Synthetic Dreads, wash your hair only with normal shampoo and do not use any conditioner afterwards.

The hair and Dreads have been wet or washed too often

When you wear Synthetic Dreads it is important that you wet them as little as possible. Synthetic Dreads absorb a lot of moisture, making them heavier. As a result, they will pull the  hair more and then there is a chance that the Dreads will slip. Wet your Dreads a maximum of once a week.
Are you afraid of bad smells in your hair or in your Dreads? Then use a Refreshening spray to keep your hair, your scalp and your Dreads fresh.

The hair is too short or it barely has the desired length for Synthetic Dreads

The shorter the hair, the fewer "strokes" you can make with the hair around the Dread. The dread has less hold on the hair with short hair. So with short hair, it is more likely that it will slip down more quickly. Our advice is really a minimum hair length of 3 inch / 8 centimeters, preferably a little longer.
Are you unsure whether the Synthetic Dreads are properly secured? Then use extra elastic bands as the attachment, the Dreads will have a better hold on the hair.

You have chosen smooth or heavy Synthetic Dreadlocks to wear that "slip" easily

If you have chosen smooth or heavy Synthetic Dreads to wear, it is also more likely that your Dreadlocks will slip. Due to the weight or the smooth material, they simply slide out of your hair, there is nothing you can do about that. Our advice is to choose Renate's Locks of Love. These are a bit stiffer in material and lightweight, they will stay in place.

Your sections are too big 

Of course, that can always happen, especially if you install the Dreadlocks yourself. If you have large sections, the strands of hair that you braid around the Dreadlock are also thicker. If the strands are very thick, it is more likely that your Dreadlocks will slip down. It is therefore important that you make a good sectioning. For this I have developed an online course in which I show you how you can easily install your Dreads yourself.
Do you still want to go to a professional? Then you are of course more than welcome to visit us in the Salon or choose one of our affiliates.

It is therefore very important to look into good Dreads, the proper use of the Dreads and proper care of Synthetic Dreadlocks. All information and products can be found on our webshop.


-X- Renate