Why the Perfect Dreadlock is perfect (for me)?!

Why the Perfect Dreadlock is perfect (for me)?!

I have been in the Dread business for eighteen years in 2019 and I still feel lucky everyday that I was able to make a career of my hobby. Is there no downside to this job, I hear you think? Well, maybe that my thoughts are full of dreads seven days a week, because I always think in opportunities and possibilities. I don’t know if that is such a bad thing... :-)

Production of the Perfect Dreadlock

Therefore I was walking around with the idea of developing the Perfect dreadlock for a while. Not just by myself, but in close contact with one of the suppliers that Dreadshop has been working with satisfactorily for a longer time. During the production of the Perfect Dreadlock they have kept me informed of every detail from beginning to end. I even traveled to China especially for this, you can read more about it in this blog.

High quality Dreadlock

We can be proud of the result, if I say so myself. I was able to add the, for me, Perfect Dreadlock to the assortment of Dreadshop and that makes me proud! Why is this Dreadlock perfect? For starters: the unique Dreadlock is of high quality. Both the used material (that I picked myself), as well as the method the dreadlock is made with.

Unique dreadcolors

What else? The unique colors, that I put together myself. Not one dread consists of one haircolor, but is a mix of different shades. To create a Dreadlock that is incomparable and as natural as possible. The Ombré colors also consist of mixed shades.

Natural appearance because of loose ends

The loose ends create the most natural look. This is something I absolutely wanted to add to this product, because my own real dreads have loose ends too and I’ve gotten a lot of questions about this in the last two years. Because of this it was clear to me that the Perfect Dreadlock should have loose ends.

Dreadlocks with wearing comfort

Besides that the dreadlocks are lightweight, which allows for extra wearing comfort. Despite that they have a beautiful volume!

Unique length of the Dread

I am even more happy with the unique length of 28 inch / 70 centimeter, because this is a proper addition to the assortment of Dreadshop. That is something I find very valuable and I have gotten a lot of enthusiastic and positive reactions on it already. Thank you for that!