The difference between Single and Double Ended Synthetic Dreads

The difference between Single and Double Ended Synthetic Dreads

SE is the abbreviation for "Single Ended", DE is the abbreviation for "Double Ended".
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In my webshop you will find two different types of Synthetic Dreadlocks: the Single Ended Dread and the Double Ended Dread. The Single Ended Dreadlock consists of one string / lock. There is a loop at the top. You can pull your own hair through it, and then braid it to the Dread. In that perspective, the Single Ended Dread differs from the Double Ended Dread.

The Double Ended Dread consists of two strings / locks, but is one whole because both sides are connected to each other. After you have braided the Double Dread in your hair, this results in two strands of Dreads. If you want to know more about the different ways of installing Dreads, check this Blog.

The length of the Synthetic Dreadlocks

On the Dreadshop website you will find different lengths of the available Renate's Locks of Love Dreads. The length of the Dreads that you buy at Dreadshop is the total length after you have braided the Dreads into your hair. For the Double Ended Dreads this means that it is about the double length of the Dread. For example, if you have a Dread of 20 inches or 50 centimeters, that is the double-folded length, the total length is then 40 inch or 100 cm. After installing, however, these are two Dreads of 20 inch / 50 cm long. The same length measurement applies to the Single Ended Dread. This is also 20 inches / 50 centimeters long after the Dread has been installed.

Which Dreadlock do you choose?

When do you choose a Single Ended Dreadlock or the Double Ended Dreadlock? A big difference lies in the way of installing. With the Single Ended Dread this goes through the loop, something that is missing with the Double Ended Dread. This ensures a different result (in appearance) and that remains a personal taste.

Difference in Dread volume

Another big difference is the volume created. If you choose the Single Ended Dreads, you can make the sections in your hair (where you attach the Dreadlock) much smaller, so that you can use more Dreads. The sections are larger with the Double Ended Dreads. Both options ensure sufficient volume, but the Double Ended Dread offers considerably more volume than the Single Ended Dread.

My advice would be to combine both options. In your neck and / or on the side of your head you can then choose the Single Ended Dreads, while for the rest you install the Double Ended Dreads. Personally, I don't like a lot of volume on my head, although of course there must always be a considerable bunch of Dreads visible.

Hopefully the information above will help you. If you still have doubts; you can always contact me. I will always answer your question. Hope to see you next time!


-X- Renate