Real Dreads with Extensions

Is it your dream to have long Real Dreadlocks right from the start?

A full head, or do you start with Partial Dreads? Everything is possible!

The perfect way to do this is to extend your Dreadlocks!

The minimum hair length for this is 6 inch / 15 cm, we can then make the Dreadlocks as long as you want!

For making Real Dreads we work with a safe and natural method, developed by us. This means that we make square and triangle sections on your scalp, then backcomb your hair and then crochet your Dreads tight. Next we crochet loose ‘Human Hair' at the end of your Dreadlocks to extend them. By working with loose Human Hair, we can create any natural color by mixing colors. So you always get a natural result and the extension is barely visible!

By working in this way and according to this method, you will have the highest quality Real Dreadlocks right from the start!

We will of course discuss your wishes in terms of thickness of the Dreads and how you want the ends to look in advance.

You can choose from different methods for the ends of your Dreads:

Normal ends, also called Loose Ends
Thicker, fuller ends, also called Full Ends
Blunted ends, also called Blunt Ends

Would you like to make an appointment for real dreads with extensions?

We would like to schedule a consultation so that we can discuss your wishes, answer all your questions and see what is possible with your hair.
You will then receive a price and time estimate and we can schedule an appointment.


€90 per hour + costs for the material

When making the Dreads takes 7 hours or longer, we charge an hourly rate of € 85.

When making the Dreads takes 14 hours or longer, we charge an hourly rate of € 80.

Do you want a more specific price indication?
Book a consultation via the link above

Locks of Love

Extend your Dreads

Another option is to extend your Dreads with ready-made Human Hair Locks of Love. If your own hair color and thickness matches this perfectly or if you want the extension in an ombré color and you go for normal ends, this is a nice and faster option.

If you want to extend your Dreads with a lasting 'bright color', we can do this with our Henlon Hair or our ready-made Synthetic Locks of Love. This is a colorfast material and different from Human Hair, which you will have to dye over and over to create a bright color.

Time indication: about 10-26 hours for a full head