Accent Dreads Beach Babe
Accent Dreads Beach Babe
Accent Dreads Beach Babe
Accent Dreads Beach Babe


Accent Dreads Beach Babe

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Perfect for Partial Dreads

With your Dreads flowing in the wind, walking along the beach, that is what we have thought of when putting together this Accent Set. Can you feel it? White sandy beaches, clear blue sea? Your feet in the water, soaking in the sun, wandering along the coast.

The different blonde shades that come back in this Accent Set give a real summer feeling. The beads that have been added to this Accent Set consist of different shells.

This Accent Set has been put together by us with matching colors of yarn in different thicknesses. The Dreads are decorated with yarn with different methods, which gives the set a very playful effect. No Dreadlock is the same!

This Accent Set can be beautifully combined with the Dark Blonde or Honey Blonde Renate’s Locks of Love! You can also add the Accent Set to your own Dreads to create more volume.

Did you know that our Dreads are reusable? This way you can walk along the beach with your Dreads flowing in the wind every summer!

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