Dollylocks Large Microfiber Dreadlock Towel
Dollylocks dreadlock towel gray, in bag
Dollylocks dreadlock towel Gray


Dollylocks Large Microfiber Dreadlock Towel

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This Dreadlock towel is specially designed for your Dreadlocks! The towel consists of high-quality microfibre material, which ensures that the drying time of your Dreads is reduced by 50%. The super absorbent fibers absorb 10x more water than a standard towel!

The Dreadlock towel consists of microfiber material which is also lint-free, so don't worry about fluff in your Dreads after using this towel.

The towel has an elastic band at the back so that the towel can be easily secured on your head without having to pull or without damaging your hair or Dreadlocks.

Wrap the towel over your Dreads, wrap your Dreads, twist and fasten the towel. It couldn't be easier!

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