Can I cut my Synthetic Dreads?

Can I cut my Synthetic Dreads?

You have ordered the wrong length Dreads or the Dreads are just a bit longer than you envisioned. Can I cut my dreads shorter? That is a question we are often asked. In this blog we answer this question.

Lengths of the Dreads

In Dreadshop’s range you will find various lengths of our different types of Dreads. The fact that you can't cut our Synthetic Dreads shorter is one of the reasons why we offer different lengths.

All our dreads are made by hand. The Dreads are produced with a special technique and finished with loose hair ends of. Our advice is not to cut the Renate's Locks of Love shorter, simply because it is difficult to recreate a natural effect with cut dreads.

Can I cut the tips of the Dreads?

It is possible to cut the loose hair a little shorter if you wish. Keep in mind that you leave the tip a little longer than where the dread stops, to prevent your Dreadlock from 'unraveling' even more.

Please note: any kind of warranty is voided on Dreads cut by you.

Advice on cutting off your Synthetic Dreadlocks

Our advice is: don't cut your Synthetic Dreads shorter. Simply because the Dreads are not suitable for cutting. You can return the Dreads to us when they are unused and then order a different length of Dreads.

Would you like the same dread look and feel as the Locks of Love, but in a different length than is available on the website? Then you can always contact one of our affiliates. They make high-quality Dreadlocks in this style and they can make the Dreads completely in the desired color and length for you. Would you like to contact one of our affiliates? Click here for an affiliate near you.

Do you want to get creative yourself? It is also possible to make your own Dreads from our Henlon hair. You can read how to do that here.
We also have ready-made Dreadkits in our range in which you receive everything you need for making Dreads, so you can get started right away!


-X- Renate