Tool Kit de Luxe
Tool Kit de Luxe
Tool Kit de Luxe


Tool Kit de Luxe

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For creating or maintaining Real Dreads you need different Tools, we offer these Dreadlock tools in a handy Dreadkit.

For creating Real Dreadlocks this Toolkit is very handy! You will have all the Dreadtools that you will need for creating and maintaining Real dreads all in one package.

With the comb you can backcomb the hair which will dread the hair.
By using the crochet hook you can make your Real Dreads much sturdier.
And you can use the Dread Tool to work loose strands of hair back into your Dreads nice and easy.
With the clips you can secure your Dreads easily so you don’t have any Dreads or loose hairs that are in the way.

Do you want more info about maintaining your Real Dreads? Click here for more information and extensive explanation.

We also offer a course in which we show and tell you step by step how you can maintain your Real Dreads. You can find more info about this course  here.

With the purchase of this Toolkit you will also save money!

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