How do I compose my own Dreadset?

How do I compose my own Dreadset?

Where do you start when choosing the Dreadset that suits you best? At Dreadshop we have different types of Dreads in our range, so start by choosing which type of Dread is most suitable for you. Within the existing Dread styles that we offer, there is a choice in different lengths and colors. This also applies for what suits you best. In this blog we try to help you make the right choice.

Thinking along with you about your Dreads

We have thought along with you as much as possible when developing the Dreads and set it up in such a way that, whatever combination you choose, you can always choose 4 bundles of Dreads for a full head. We recommend a combination of 2 bundles of double dreads and 2 bundles of single dreads for the best result.
Do you have thick or a lot of hair? Order an extra bundle just to be sure.

Combination of types and styles Dreadlocks

We offer you a choice of different dread types. Thin and Medium/Thick whatever you want! These Dreads are also easy to combine with each other. So for example a combination of the Thin Renate's Locks of Love with the Renate's Locks of Love originals. These dreads have no plastic packaging and are the top quality dreads in our range.

Combination of Dread Lengths

You will find our Dreadlocks in different lengths. We offer the Renate's Locks of Love in two different lengths. But you can also create a difference in length in your haircut yourself. For example, by choosing the option of long Dreads at the bottom of your head and short Dreads on top. This creates a very nice layered effect. For a less layered effect, choose short Dreads at the bottom of your head and long Dreads on top. Of course you can also choose to purchase all Dreads at the same length.

Color combination of the Dreads

The choice of colors Dreadlocks that we offer is mainly natural with a number of Dreads that contain more color. Everything is possible, almost all variations are possible.
Many colors of the Renate's Locks of Love have an ombre effect in the Dread color, for the best look of these ombre colors we advise to wear only this ombre color and not to combine it with other colors.

Pre-made Dreadsets

If you find it difficult to put together a Dreadset yourself, check out our composed Dreadsets! We try to offer as many different styles as possible and to inspire you, hopefully there is something for you! If not, or do you want it a little different? You know what to do; put together 4 bundles of Dreadlocks yourself!

Good luck and have fun with your choice, will you share your new look with us? Tag us on social media! And check out our mini course in which we show you exactly how you can install Dreads yourself.


-X- Renate