Can I sleep comfortably when I wear dreads?

Can I sleep comfortably when I wear dreads?

We hear this question quite often: can I sleep comfortably when I wear synthetic dreads?

Yes you can!
Of course it depends on your sleep position and how you prefer to position your own hair when you sleep. When you go to sleep, do you put your hair in a ponytail, bun, braid or do you prefer to sleep with your hair down?

When you wear dreads it doesn’t matter how you wear them when you go to bed. We do, however, advise to protect your dreads. Because you turn around in your sleep your head rubs over you pillow. This will make your dreads frizzy and you can get loose hairs at the base of your dreads.

A good protection, like our Nightcap, extends the longevity of your dreads. The nightcap is made from 100% satin and thanks to the thin elastic satin fabric it’s pleasant and comfortable to wear.

If you feel uncomfortable with the idea of putting something over your head/hair when you go to sleep then our Satin pillowcase a good alternative.


Sweet dreams!!