Can I dye my Real Dreads?

Can I dye my Real Dreads?

Real Dreads are basically the same as ‘normal hair’. You can dye your Dreads, but this can be harmful. Our advice: consult with a hairdresser and prevent your Dreads to be damaged unnecessary.


I don’t have Real Dreads yet

Do you want Real Dreads. but not in your own haircolor? It is best to dye your hair before you get your Dreads. Dye your hair as shortly as possible before you get your Real Dreads. That way during the creating of the Dreadlocks you won’t have an outgrowth and your whole hair will be the same color. After dyeing your hair you can get your Real Dreads.

When your Dreads have grown a bit, your own hair color will show again of course. You can (let someone) dye this Dread by Dread. Be careful to also dye all the hair inside the tuft. These hairs can become visible while maintaining your Dreads, when they have grown further into your Dreads. It would be too bad if they are not entirely dyed.

When you have dyed your outgrowth, your Dreads are next. Your Dreads may be in the color you want already, but often this color can use some freshening up. You can use the rest of your hair dye for your Dreads. Be aware that your Dreads will absorb more dye, often you will need more dye for this. It is also important to rinse it out extra thoroughly and use a good shampoo.

 I already have Real Dreads

Do you already have Real Dreads, but you want a different color? You can dye your Dreads. For this we also advise: visit a hairdresser for the best result.

It is good to keep in mind that dyeing Real Dreads is quite a lot of work, but it does work similar to dyeing your normal hair. You use the same type of hair dye. It is likely you will need a lot more dye than with dyeing normal hair. Because dreads will absorb more hair dye.


Real Dreads with extensions

If you have extended your Dreads with Human hair extensions, note that the color of your hair dye can turn out differently than it will on your own real hair. Extensions of Synthetic hair will not take in hair dye. Read about it in this blog.

Bleaching Real Dreads

When you use a semi-permanent hair dye, you will get the best result on bleached hair. But is it wise to bleach your Dreads? Read our advice about this in this blog.


When you want to dye all of your Dreads, there aren’t really any other options than the ones we have described above. But Synthetic Dreads are a good alternative to braid between your Real Dreads. These Synthetic Dreads are available in several blonde and brown shades, but also in all the colors of the rainbow. You can go as crazy as you like.

The Synthetic Dreads can stay in for about 2 to 3 months. After that you can braid them in again. These Synthetic Dreads are not harmful for your Real Dreads. You you have an outgrowth? Attach the Synthetic Dreads just below your outgrowth, so you can still maintain the outgrowth.

Good luck with whatever you choose!

-X- Renate